Data quality management (DQM)

Data quality management (DQM): DQM is the management of company data in a manner aware of quality. It is a sub-function of data management and analyzes, improves and assures the quality of data in the company. DQM includes all activities, procedures and systems to achieve the data quality required by the business strategy. Among other things, DQM transfers approaches for the management of quality for physical goods to immaterial goods like data. 
Preventive DQM: preventive avoidance of data defects with negative effects on data quality.
Reactive DQM: discovering and correcting existing data defects.
Source: Otto, Boris; Österle, Hubert: Corporate Data Quality: Prerequsite for Successful Business Models, 2015 (
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Data Management Services

Whether data quality analytics, address validation, deduplication or bank account verification: Our innovative data management services help you to enhance the quality of your vendor and customer master data. Data Management Services
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