The next meeting of the SAP MDG focus group will be a strategic workshop


The day before the 51st CC CDQ workshop, SAP MDG users (and future users) from eleven companies met with representatives from SAP to discuss their concerns and needs during the 5th SAP MDG workshop. This neutral platform for practitioners to exchange knowledge regarding SAP MDG was launched in September 2015 by the CDQ Team. Participants may share their experiences, present their solutions, work on best practices, and provide feedback to SAP for their future MDG product roadmap. The group of participants is continuously growing. It was decided that presentations and minutes from previous meeting will be available from now on at the SAP MDG forum, which group members have access to.

During the morning session of the workshop the participants discussed the feedback of and the proposed solutions provided by SAP, based on the group work from the last SAP MDG Workshop focusing on hierarchies (product / customer / supplier) and usability and performance issues. In the afternoon session the participants split up into two groups to discuss the requirements and proposed solutions regarding the data model and the handling of reference data. The participants are looking forward to receiving feedback and insights from SAP regarding these topics during the next SAP MDG workshop on December 7th in Cologne. During this upcoming workshop the participants will also define the focus topics and the modus operandi for 2017. 

For further information please contact Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis.

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