SAP MDG Focus Group: Collaboratively Improving SAP Master Data Governance

What is the SAP MDG Focus Group?

In 2015 we founded the SAP MDG Focus Group so that CC CDQ members could discuss together which challenges they have with SAP MDG. We wanted to create the opportunity for several companies to first exchange whether they have the same questions and then share their feedback with SAP MDG Product Management. Of course, it is easier for SAP to work with concrete use cases and clear requirements. The members of the community benefit from the fact that requirements which are jointly prioritized by multiple companies are weighted differently by SAP than if they came from a single company.

In addition, the members of the SAP MDG Focus Group enjoy exchanging ideas with like-minded people and discussing SAP MDG best practices during breaks.

How does this SAP MDG user group work?

During a strategic workshop at the end of each year, the group discusses which topics they want to prioritize next year. At this time, the working methods and the topics on which the group wants to focus are also aligned. This results in a simple work plan, which then defines the topics for the next two operative workshops during the year. The defined topics are discussed in the form of breakout sessions. And SAP regularly gives a status update on the submitted topics.

The topics defined for 2020 are:

  • SAP data enrichment cloud connector
  • Mass data creation with MDC mass processing with UI with full blown rule-based workflow
  • Combine and integrate MDG-M with the EHS applications
  • Contact person in MDG vs. standard
  • Data provision into the “old” environment (SAP S/4 -> R/3) & S/4 capabilities journey
  • Duplicate check in MDG from other applications
  • Solution path for data migration by using different components of MD-consolidation, MDG mass processing and DS for initial and “delta” loads
  • Multi assignment business partner
  • Automation, AI & Business user suitable maintenance of business rules

SAP regularly gives a status update on the submitted topics.

SAP MDG Focus Group Workplan 2020

Who prepares the breakout sessions?

The SAP MDG Focus Group topics will be discussed in prepared breakout sessions during the two workshops. There is a topic owner and deputy for each of the defined focus topics. They are responsible for preparing the topics as well as possible in advance with concrete examples and requirements.

For this a template is filled out which must contain the following information:

  • SAP MDG component (e.g. SAP MDG S, SAP MDG C)
  • Problem description
  • Requirements
  • Workarounds/ideas for solution
  • Details/references

Often some members also discuss their topics before and after the workshops.

There is always a contact person from SAP MDG Product Management for each focus topic. The SAP contact person is especially in close coordination with the topic owner and deputy and is present during the breakout session to ensure that the requirements are understood correctly by SAP.

Who are current members of the SAP MDG Focus Group?

How can we become a member of the SAP MDG Focus Group?

Members should already be actively working with SAP MDG. They should be willing to actively participate and to prepare and coordinate topics. They should have the desire to exchange ideas and to collaborate on the improvement of SAP MDG. A signed Feedback Agreement (FBA) with SAP should be available or signed. Participation is free for CC CDQ members. CC CDQ members may also participate if they have not yet implemented SAP MDG.

If you are interested in becoming part of the group, please contact us!

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