Webinar Recording: Data Governance 2.0

How to Establish an Effective Data & Analytics Governance

Good governance ensures that data is available, of high quality, and relevant for data-driven processes and insights. What used to be targeted at control and compliance has evolved into a true enabler for data monetization. But how do you get there?

Data Governance 2.0 allows users to create value from secure and trusted data, to make them available and fit-for purpose for an increasing number of use cases including self-service analytics and artificial intelligence.

In this webinar, participants will learn about CDQs framework and how it supports them to answer the three key questions what, who and how of Data & Analytics Governance.

Our Speakers

Martin Fadler
Research Associate
Dr. Tobias Pentek
Head of Community & Innovations
Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
Head of the CC CDQ

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