Webinar: Data Strategy

A Must-Have for Data-Driven Companies!

Date: 13.08.2020 (16:00 CEST)

Speakers: Tobias Pentek, Prof. Dr. Christine Legner

During this free webinar, particpants will get an overview on the foundations and current status of data strategies in European organizations. Prof. Dr. Christine Legner (University of Lausanne, CC CDQ) and Tobias Pentek (CC CDQ) will provide insights from a data strategy study and introduce the CDQ Data Strategy Canvas as a tool to design a data strategy.

Participants will learn:

  • Why companies should have a data strategy
  • What a data strategy should comprise
  • Where European companies stand with regards to data strategies
  • How to build a data strategy with the help of the CDQ Data Strategy Canvas

Length: 45 minutes

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Data Management Publications

This Webinar is based on the extensive data management research from the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality. Here you can access many of our publications for free. Get our free data management publications

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