Webinar: Data Excellence Model

How to assess, develop and improve your data management activities using the Data Excellence Model

Date: 22.07.2020 (16:00 CEST)

Speakers: Tobias Pentek, Prof. Dr. Christine Legner

During this webinar, participants will learn about good practices in assessing, developing and improving data management in their medium-sized to large organizations. Christine Legner and Tobias Pentek (CC CDQ) will introduce the Data Excellence Model as a proven framework used by leading companies.

Participants will learn:

  • Why a data management framework is essential in guiding data management activities
  • Which aspects – roles, processes, KPIs, applications – they need to consider in data management (based on the Data Excellence Model)
  • How they can apply the CDQ Data Excellence Model to assess maturity, structure their data journey and demonstrate progress

Length: 45 minutes

Webinar Recording: The Data Excellence Model

In this webinar, Prof. Dr. Christine Legner (University of Lausanne) and Tobias Pentek (CC CDQ) explain how you can assess, develop, and improve your data management activities using the CDQ Data Excellence Model.

Length: 44 minutes

Watch the complete webinar

Data Management Publications

This Webinar is based on the extensive data management research from the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality. Here you can access many of our publications for free. Get our free data management publications

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