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The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality is a research consortium and expert community in the field of data management addressing the challenges resulting from digitalization and data-driven strategies.

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Data Excellence Model

The digital transformation of businesses has brought about a fundamental change in many industries. The new Data Excellence Model offers support and guidance for practitioners.

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CDQ Good Practice Award 2018

The CDQ Good Practice Award acknowledges outstanding, innovative projects in the field of data management. Participate now and turn in your description by September 17, 2018!

CDQ Best Practise Award

Recent Publications

"Assessing the Economic Value of Data Assets", " Business and Data Management Capabilities for the Digital Economy" or "Corporate Data Quality: Prerequisite for Sucessfull Buiness Models" are some of the publications that you can request for free.

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CC CDQ Members

are an elite group of practitioners of organizations who strive to achieve excellence in data management and stay informed about new trends, developments and opportunities. They are at the same time provider and receiver of the knowledge that has been built within this community.

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Bridging the gap between theory and practice by bringing together data management experts from companies and academia

The Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) is a research consortium and expert community in the field of data management addressing the challenges resulting from digitalization and data-driven strategies. The core objective of the CC CDQ is to transfer innovative concepts and scientific research results in the domain of data management to everyday business practice in order to support companies in  managing data as an asset

The CC CDQ is headed by Prof. Dr. Christine Legner (HEC – University of Lausanne) and operated by CDQ AG.

Based on latest scientific and practical insights, the CC CDQ develops methods, architectures, reference models, and prototypes needed for efficient implementation of data management. As an expert community, the CC CDQ hosts workshops and focus groups in which knowledge and experiences are shared, best practices are presented, and approaches and solutions are discussed.

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Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
Want to E-mail us? info@cdq.ch



Seeking Young Talents in Data Management

This year‘s winner will be announced during the next CC CDQ Workshop scheduled for April 25, 2018 in Hamburg.


Geberit receives CDQ Good Practice Award for excellence in data management

The European market leader in the field of sanitary products successfully established a data-driven, end-to-end assortment management approach to support sales and distribution over multiple channels.


Effective data Management in a digitally driven world

In this Q&A, published by HECimpact (from Hec Lausanne) Prof. Dr. Christine Legne talks about the Data Excellence Model that the consortium has produced, and the need for organisations to think about data and its management in new ways.


CTI awards R&D grant for the Data App Store

The partnership between University of Lausanne, CDQ AG, Nestlé and Swisscom on the project "Open Data to Business - Data App Store for the discovery, integration and use of open data in business environments" has been granted a research & development fund by the Commission of Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Swiss Confederation. This innovative R&D project starts in January 2018 and will be finalized in December 2019.


Do you want to find out how much the data in your company is worth?

Here are 8 tips what you should keep in mind for your data valuation project.



CDQ Academy - Data Architecture and Applications (in Karlsruhe)

Book now your Modul 3 of your expert training in corporate data management, which will be held in English.

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