CDQ Good Practice Award

CDQ Good Practice Award

What is the CDQ Good Practice Award?

The CDQ Good Practice Award was launched in 2013 as a joint initiative of the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). This award acknowledges world-class and innovative data management initiatives paving the way for digital and data-driven enterprises. The good practices submitted by the participating organizations are evaluated by an international jury of data management experts and the CC CDQ community.

Why should I participate?

Entering the competition means....

  • to increase awareness of data management throughout your organization,
  • (as a finalist) to receive feedback from the data management community and an international jury panel of renowned experts,
  • (as a finalist) to share your experiences with the CC CDQ network and extend your business network attending the award ceremony taking place December 8th, 2018, in Cologne (Germany).

How can I participate?

  1. Download the submission form
  2. Turn in your case free of charge, considering the deadline for submission: 3. September 2018

Your submission (description of your good practice) should consist of max. 10 pages. Additional image material, information material (e.g. PowerPoint slides) about the best practice can be included, although this appendix should not exceed 15 pages. Please make sure that your submission is one pdf file of max. 25 pages. The closing date for applications is September 3, 2018. The organizer is entitled to extend the application deadline.

What are the evaluation criteria ?

The submissions for the CDQ Good Practice Award 2018 will be evaluated by the three critera:  

  • Data Excellence: The Good Practice provides evidence of data excellence, first and foremost with regard to data quality (defined as “fitness for purpose”), but also with regard to additional data related aspects, such as data compliance, data security and privacy, or data risk.
  • Business Value: The Good Practice demonstrates proven and sustainable business value and supports the transformation towards the digital and data-driven enterprise
  • Innovation: The Good Practice supports a new way of working or pioneers an original change in data management. The good practice stimulates new thinking, or lays the foundation for further innovation.

Can I see previous submissions?

Of course! Please take a look at our overview of best practices from the CDQ Good Practice Award winners and finalists form 2016 and 2017

Who is evaluating the cases ?

The cases are evaluated by the international jury panel of eight renowned experts, Prof. Christine Legner and the CC CDQ Community. If necessary (in case of a drawn) Prof. Christine Legner, as chair of the jury,  will decide. 

How is the evaluation  process?

In the first phase, each case is evaluated by minimum three jury members. Based on the evaluation, the three finalists are selected. The finalists are the three best ranked cases.The finalists will be announced on 25 October 2018.

The cases of all three finalists are (re)evaluated by all jury members. This evaluation counts 50% of the score. The other 50% of the evaluation is done by the CC CDQ Community. The finalists present their case at the CC CDQ December workshop in Cologne. Every participating company will evaluate the case by the same criteria and scale like the jury. The case with the highest evaluation result will receive the “CDQ Good Practice Award 2018”.  If necessary (in case of a drawn), the chair of the jury,  Prof. Christine Legner will decide.

Who is part of the Jury of the CDQ Good Practice Award ?

Prof. Dr. Christine Legner  (Chair of the jury)

CDQ Good Practice Award chair of the jury

HEC Lausanne - Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne 

Prof. Dr. Andy Koronius

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

Division Information Technology, University of South Australia

Jodi Maciejewski

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

American SAP User Group, Chair of Data Governance Special Interest Group

Geert Opdenbosch

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

European Foundation for Quality Management

Andreas Schierning

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

Experienced data management professional and former CC CDQ Member

Dr. Sven Wenzel   

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

Institute for Software and  Systems Engineering

Dr. Philip Woodall

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

University of Cambridge

Lwanga Yonke

CDQ Good Practice Award Jury

International Association for Information and Data Quality

Publication and data protection:

The participants consent to the publication of the submitted Good Practice title, summary and their company name on the CDQ Good Practice Award website and in other media (e.g. Twittern, Linkedin, etc) associated with the CDQ Good Practice Award. The submitted data is not considered to be confidential data.

The personal and company data stated by the participant on the application form will be collected, stored, used, only for the purpose of organizing and processing the CDQ Good Practice award. Further forwarding to third parties does not occur.
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