Helvetia joins the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality


We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Helvetia, one of Switzerland’s largest insurance firms, as the latest member of the CC CDQ! We have put together some information to give you a quick overview of what data management at Helvetia looks like.​​

A new corporate strategy, an operating model based on automated and digitized processes, and increasing regulatory demands (e.g. GDPR) drive the need for more effective and efficient information and data management (IDM) at Helvetia. In 2017, Helvetia’s top management commissioned an assessment of the company's IDM capabilities and requested a clear strategy. At the beginning of 2018, Helvetia established the Competence Center Information and Data Management as part of the corporate development function. It  pursues three basic objectives:​

  • Establish company-wide data governance
    Data governance defines the roles, responsibilities, and decision-making boards needed to manage data effectively and efficiently. Helvetia’s data governance activities are closely aligned with analytics, process management, the business units, and IT.
  • Establish a logical data model
    The logical data model describes and documents Helvetia’s core data and information assets. The objective of the model is to provide a single source of information that satisfies the needs of various stakeholders and integrates the perspectives on data from both business and IT.
  • Establish a data quality management system
    The data quality management system defines data quality rules, key performance indicators, and reports for business critical attributes. During the initial phase, the system will be piloted for partner data (e.g. customer data, vendor data).

Helvetia is looking forward to participating in the CC CDQ. The company is convinced that it can substantially contribute to the advancement of the community. At the same time, the company is eager to benefit from the research results and learn from the experiences of other members.

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