Knowledge Base Guide

How to use the Knowledge Base

As member of the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality you can always access all publications directly online through the CC CDQ Knowledge Base.

You can log in directly using the login button at the top of the screen (1). Then select "Knowledge Base" (2) from the "Member Section" menu.

CDQ Knowledge Base Step 1

You will be directly directed to the CC CDQ Knowledgebase where you can search the documents or filter them by workshop or focus topic. Finally click on the result that you would like to see. A new window will open, showing you the document and giving you the option to download the file.

CDQ Knowledge Base Step 2

Please register using the button of the same name at the top of the screen (1).

CDQ Knowledge Base Step 3

On the user profile page you will find the "Knowledge Base" button, with which you can directly access the KB (2).

CDQ Knowledge Base Step 4

In order to give you access as soon as possible to the Knowledge Base please sent us a short message to , informing that you already registered. Usually we need some time to get approval from our main contact within your company to give you access. Thank you for your understanding.

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